User: Stella Wisdom

Current Location: Liverpool Corporate Strata

Verification Rating: 54%

I was traveling home from work, it was Christmas Eve and I was looking forward to a few days holiday. Unfortunately my vehicle developed a fault and would only take left turns, even when I knew the route home was in the opposite direction. I tried to manually override the navigation

steering system, but I was locked out and powerless to the AI driving my car. Then I looked out of the car’s window and I could see the panicked expressions of other passengers in their vehicles. I realized that is wasn’t just my car behaving in a dysfunctional way, it was everyone’s.

   I remembered watching old films, so quaint where people drove, manually, their cars. It seems such an old fashioned concept, but now I wished I had a steering wheel and control over where I was traveling.

   Perhaps the central vehicle  navigation network had been hacked by some protest group – timing it before the holiday to cause maximum disruption.

   I couldn’t brake or do an emergency stop, I couldn’t even deliberately drive into a wall or another vehicle.

   I had to wait until the battery ran out of charge, then prize open a window and squeeze myself out – as the doors were auto locked, ‘for safety’ and I couldn’t override this setting either.

   Shaking I walked for miles avoiding roads and re-discovering woodland and wastelands on the edge of the city.


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